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Recover all damaged information from your iPhone


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iPhone Backup Extractor is a tool designed to recover your contacts, photos, call logs, MMS, SMS, video, voicemails, calendar info, notes, app files, games, and other data that for whatever reason is damaged or inaccessible on your iPhone or iPod.

The tool will automatically convert the extracted database into CSV, VCard or ICAL format so that you can easily import them to well-known programs such as Excel, Outlook, and Webmail. You can also convert consolidated location data into a KML file to use with Google Earth.

iPhone Backup Extractor has an easy to use interface and essentially works to extract backup copies of files from iPhones, iPod Touches, and iPhone 3Gs to iTunes.

It's useful for restoring your apps, files, and folders that have been rendered unusable for whatever reason.